How Can You Secure Your Data Center?

A business data center is a vital part of most businesses today, as it forms the core of a successful business venture. Chunks of data and information pass through your data centers every day, and it is absolutely essential that you protect that information from being stolen or else your business is bound to suffer losses. Here are a few things you can do to help make your business data center more secure.

Dealing With A Broken Or Damaged Cell Phone

If you spend a lot of money on your cell phone and it gets damaged, it can be very frustrating. The service provider often offers insurance on your phone but there are many things they will not cover. If you have a broken phone that you need to have repaired, there are a few options to consider before you decide to buy a new phone. Submitting An Insurance Claim If you have insurance on your phone, you can contact your phone provider and explain the damage that your phone has sustained.

Four Reasons To Upgrade To A Structured Cabling System

If you're planning a cabling upgrade, make sure you aren't overlooking a structured cabling system. Structured cabling designs combine all your audio, visual, and voice needs into a compact design that yields a number of benefits. Upgrade More Efficiently Installing a structured cabling system for your business can make your future upgrades more efficient. Think of structured systems as you would a modular home; the layout or ground work has already been completed – all you have to do is install it.