Business Phone Systems: VoIP Suggestions

Re-evaluating your phone system after some time in business is a natural choice. While your personal cellphone might have worked when the business first started, you may need to accommodate more calls and more people answering those calls. A simple voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) system could make the most sense; you won't have to have too many wires and cables installed because such systems run over your wi-fi service. However, if this is your goal, you should know the following as you select and set up these systems.

1-Restrict Access

While your company's wi-fi connection might be secure, precautions are still vital when it comes to putting in a brand new VoIP setup. Depending on the options and package you use, your workers might be able to get into VoIP voicemails and other features from their personal phones and electronics devices. This kind of remote access could jeopardize the security of the entire system. Whether you arrange with your VoIP company to monitor usage or you plan to look at logs yourself, be aware that the best way to protect data is typically to restrict the access you allow.

This will mean you must have a frank talk with employees about how the phone system should be used. If you don't want them using the system from certain devices, lay it out in the employee manual. Giving them the information they need to comply with your wants is important. 

2-Use Passwords

Passwords will make system monitoring easier. You can more easily tell who is breaking the protocols you have in place, for instance. If someone hacks into a worker's account, unusual usage will be flagged and you'll be able to pinpoint where that's happening. When employees leave, ensure you delete their access.

3-Learn and Create Backup Settings

Your phone's settings might be simple to set up, but hacking, power outages and other issues could affect your phone system. Instead of knowing the system will fail if anything should happen, you should set time aside to learn, create, and update backup settings. That way, any trouble with the phone system won't interfere with the way work is done by everyone in the office.

Business phone system options are many; your own efforts should lead you to discover what phone systems will be easy for your particular company to implement. If VoIP systems are what you choose, ensure you utilize these VoIP recommendations for work success.