Four Reasons To Upgrade To A Structured Cabling System

If you're planning a cabling upgrade, make sure you aren't overlooking a structured cabling system. Structured cabling designs combine all your audio, visual, and voice needs into a compact design that yields a number of benefits.

Upgrade More Efficiently

Installing a structured cabling system for your business can make your future upgrades more efficient. Think of structured systems as you would a modular home; the layout or ground work has already been completed – all you have to do is install it.

When you need to upgrade and add more function to your system, the installer can simply add another modular system to cabling. With a traditional, point cabling design, upgrades are more complex because the new cabling has to be worked into the system.

Greater Return

As a business owner, every investment you make must be weighed against its return. If you aren't getting anything from it, it's not worth it. A structured cabling system can help you earn a greater return than a traditional system, both in terms of finances and time.

Since a structured system streamlines your video, voice and data needs, the result is fewer maintenance costs. A reduced amount of maintenance untimely means lower operating costs, a reduced management need, and a greater return on your investment.

Faster Install

As previously mentioned, structured systems are modular. This design can make installation a much faster task to complete. Instead of having to set aside a long period of time for your cabling upgrade, with a structured system you can have your new system installed in a reduced amount of time.

This shorter time span can lower the impact the installation has on your overall operation in terms of productivity and it can also lower your installation cost, as there will likely be a less labor costs.

Space Savings

A structured cabling system can also afford you the benefit of more space. The modular design of these systems grants you the benefit of a more compact design. When space is limited, this compact design allows you to install a diverse system without the traditional need for a large amount of space.

Even if space is not a concern you have, the compact design still frees up extra space to use for any of your other installation needs.

A cabling installation expert can help you plan the best design for your needs as well as discuss many of the other benefits a structured cabling system can afford you. Contact a local cabling service to learn more.