4 Key Features Of Online Business Voicemail

Connectivity is key when it comes to business. Your business partners and clients need to be able to reach you with questions, information, and concerns. A combination of email and phone use will allow you to communicate with ease. When you can't answer the phone, you need a reliable voicemail service. Online business voicemail can provide the call answering capabilities you need. Here are four features you can utilize when you sign up for online business voicemail:

1. Take advantage of voice to text transcription.

Listening to voicemails can be time-consuming. Collect all the information you need without wasting valuable time by taking advantage of voice to text transcription services. Online business voicemail services offer transcription options. Voice recognition software will automatically convert incoming voicemails to text, so you can read them at your convenience. This service will save busy business people time.

2. Check your voicemail without your phone.

Over the course of your busy day, you may find yourself without your phone. Fortunately, you don't need a phone to check your voicemail. When you choose virtual voicemail, you'll gain the ability to check your voicemail from your computer. Simply sign in to your virtual voicemail account. You can listen to the voice messages in your inbox or read a transcribed version, right on your computer screen.

3. Choose the type of alerts you want to receive.

Some phone calls are time-sensitive. You don't want to miss out on a great opportunity because you neglected to check your voicemail. An online business voicemail service will allow you to choose the type of alerts you prefer. You can choose to receive notifications by phone, either through an app or text messages. You can choose to have incoming voice messages sent to your email account if you check it frequently. You can even set up multiple alerts to make sure you never miss an important message.

4. Record your own voicemail greeting.

Before callers can leave their own voice messages, they will hear a pre-recorded prompt. Virtual business voicemail services allow you to record your own voicemail greeting. Personalize it however you see fit. Your voicemail greeting can be part of your company's overall branding. Remind your callers which company they've reached and ask them to leave all the information pertinent to your request. If you plan to be unavailable for an extended period of time, you can change your voicemail greeting to reflect that.

If you're looking into various virtual business voicemail options for your office, why not start by looking online today?