Dealing With A Broken Or Damaged Cell Phone

If you spend a lot of money on your cell phone and it gets damaged, it can be very frustrating. The service provider often offers insurance on your phone but there are many things they will not cover. If you have a broken phone that you need to have repaired, there are a few options to consider before you decide to buy a new phone.

Submitting An Insurance Claim

If you have insurance on your phone, you can contact your phone provider and explain the damage that your phone has sustained. They can help you determine how to get the phone fixed if it is covered by the insurance. If you live near a local store for your cell provider, you can take the phone in and talk to the folks there about the coverage. They should be able to tell you what is covered and how to get your phone repaired or replaced. They might even be able to fix it right in the store.

Getting Your Phone Repaired

If you find that the insurance will not cover the damage to your phone, you can take it to a third party repair technician. There are many companies popping up online and in local locations that offer cell phone repair at very reasonable prices. If you spent a lot of money on the phone, you might want to pay for the repair rather than spending a lot of money to replace it. Do some research and be sure that the company you are using knows what they are doing and will not make the phone worse. You can usually search online for reviews and comments about the company in question and most of the time, people will be pretty honest about the experience that had with the company. There are several reputable companies that will come to you and repair the phone while you wait so just do your due diligence when looking for someone to do the work.

Replacing Your Phone With A Factory Refurbished Phone

If you have run out of repair options and have decided to replace the phone but don't want to pay full price, you may want to consider buying a factory refurbished phone. These are phones that have been sent back to the manufacturer with some damage. The manufacturer has repaired the phone and returned it to like new condition so it can be sold. In many cases, the refurbished phones may be sold at a discounted price, saving you some money. This is not always the case but if you can find them this way, it might be just what you need. Be careful because you may find websites listing factory refurbished phones at very low prices that are not. They may be counterfeit phones made overseas and while they might work, there will be no warranty on the phone and they may not function properly.