Virtually Valuable: The Advantages Of A Virtual Office Assistant Over A Personal Assistant

Are you thinking about hiring a personal assistant for your office? Even though having another warm body may seem to make sense, a virtual office assistant can be more valuable in a few very important ways. Virtual office assistants work with a virtual phone service to provide support and administrative services from a distance. They can do absolutely anything that a traditional assistant can do beyond helping in-person. Below are three advantages to having a virtual office assistant.

Cost: Virtual Office Assistants Are Less Expensive

There are a few things that reduce the cost of a virtual office assistant compared to a physical personal assistant -- and it isn't all about the fact that they telecommute. A virtual office assistant is also less expensive because you can source from anywhere in the world, including markets in which average pay and the cost of living are much lower. Virtual office assistants are usually hired as independent contractors rather than salaried employees, as well, so you don't need to pay for taxes or benefits.

Flexibility: Virtual Office Assistants Are Global

Virtual office assistants are extremely flexible. Because you have access to a global market, you can choose from many more prospective employees -- so you can find the one that is perfect for you. Virtual office assistants are also available on many schedules, because they are often in different time zones. You can even hire multiple virtual office assistants if you need access to them at all times. Because your virtual office assistant is telecommuting, you can work with them regardless of where you are; if you travel a lot, you'll find that a virtual assistant is invaluable.

Skill: Virtual Office Assistants Are Diverse

When you select an assistant from a local market, you may not always be able to find the perfect assistant who can do everything that you need them to do. By choosing from a larger market, you can find assistants that have the precise skill set that you require. For instance, you might need an assistant who is particularly knowledgeable about spreadsheets, or you may need an assistant who understands your virtual phone service inside and out. 

Naturally, there are some situations in which a personal assistant may make more sense -- a virtual assistant can hardly get you your morning coffee or complete other physical tasks. But for the most part, many professionals and small business owners will benefit more significantly from a virtual office assistant. Virtual office assistants can fill virtually any role, from a reception desk to an office manager, provided that the relevant technology is available. Contact A-1 Message Center if you're interested in a virtual office assistant.